SimCity Title ScreenAre there any recovering SimCity addicts out there?  Maybe even some current addicts with all the newest editions that are available. Well, when constructing a website for your business just imagine your are playing SimCity. For you hopelessly deprived people out there here is a brief description courtesy of Wikipedia:

The objective of SimCity, as the name of the game suggests, is to build and design a city, without specific goals to achieve (except in the scenarios, see below). The player can mark land as being zones as commercial, industrial, or residential, add buildings, change the tax rate rate, build a power grid, build transportation systems and take many other actions, in order to enhance the city.

It is both easy and hard to do. Just about anyone can put up some sort of website just like even a child can construct roads and buildings in the game of SimCity. There are plenty of free templates and tools to get something online. That’s the easy part. However, there are no clear cut definitions on what your website should look like nor is there a specific goal that you do x, y, and z then you will win just like you cannot win SimCity by beating the big boss or reaching a certain level. So the hard part is creating the vision of what your city, or in this case your business site, will look like next week, next month, or even next year.

Wikipedia goes on to say:

Also, the player may face disasters including flooding, tornadoes, fires (often from air disasters or even shipwrecks), earthquakes and attacks by monsters. In addition, monsters and tornadoes can trigger train crashes by running into passing trains. Later disasters in the game’s sequels included lightning strikes, volcanoes, meteors, and attack by extraterrestrial craft.

Likewise, while constructing your business site you may face disasters like accidental deletion, server downtime, upload and download errors, javascript errors, Internet Explorer display issues (if we all just used Firefox we could eliminate one set of problems), and on and on.

Here are some things to keep in mind, though it won’t guarantee you “win”, it will go along way toward constructing a powerful site:

  • Constantly build – just like in SimCity where you are always adding new roads, buildings, and developments you need to be adding new things to your site. Your site is not an individual project that reaches completion. It is like a city that is constantly growing, developing, and evolving. What do you add to your site? Content. Publish new content regularly so people have reason to return to your site, share your site with friends and coworkers. A blog is a great way to do this.
  • Variety is the Spice of Life – Think how boring your SimCity would be if you only built one kind of property over and over and over. Add variety to your site with eBooks, video trainings, and audio trainings. It will help you not get bored and more importantly your prospects won’t get bored either.
  • Interact – Find ways to interact with your customers and prospects. Link to Facebook and Twitter accounts that are natural places of interaction. Add a forum to your site with restricted access to your customers where they can interact and learn from each other and where many questions can be answered easily and minimize frustration.

As always, I’m here to help and would love to hear your comments below.

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